Top 5: Hand Creams for Cold Weather

Top 5: Hand Creams for Cold Weather

It's been a rough winter and it's taken its toll on my hands.  I forget to wear gloves, I wash them frequently and I'm constantly using hand sanitizer.  All of those can make hands dry and chapped.  

Even cuticles can suffer from the harsh elements.  However, I have a hand cream stashed in every purse, bag, suitcase, makeup kit and room to ensure that my hands don't suffer too much.

Look for ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and essential oils for best hydration and benefits to your skin. This winter I tried some new hand creams and relied on some favorites as well.  I've compiled my top 5 hand creams which vary from drugstore, to imported to organic.

Top 5 Hand Creams:

1.  Best drugstore hand cream

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula $4.49 2 0z.

This hand cream is the best for your driest chapped skin.  It's heavy, but sinks in.  I have used it for years.

2.  Best anti-aging hand cream

Lierac Repair Mains $26

Not only does this hand cream hydrate hands, but repairs brittle nails and treats age spot and lines.

3.  Best overall hand cream

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream $26 5.2 oz., $10 1 oz.

All of my makeup artist friends LOVE this hand cream and keep it in their kits.  This is the most lovely hand cream on the planet and a cult favorite among beauty editors.

4.  Best organic hand cream

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream $25 1.4 oz.

This isn't the rose of yesteryear—the one that your grandmother reeks of.  Jurlique rose hand cream smells and feels delicious.  I love the weight—it sinks right in my skin, leaving no reside.

5.  Best smelling hand cream

Carol's Daughter Lemon and Rose Hand Cream $12 2 oz.

Lemon and rose is an unusual scent combination, but it works in this rich luxurious hand cream. 

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