The Minimalist Product Review: Pure Fiji Hydrating Lotion and Coconut Spa Soap

The Minimalist Product Review: Pure Fiji Hydrating Lotion and Coconut Spa Soap

As organic and all-natural products become more sought-after by the mainstream, it's important for eco-conscious consumers to choose companies that are not just committed to also dedicated to making a difference.

For today's "Green Day" pick, I reviewed a product that not only contains quality, all-natural ingredients, but also support   sustainable vision. Let's step up our "Green" game and purchase products that are having a positive impact, both inside and out!

Pure Fiji's Mission:

We firmly believe that enjoying and promoting all aspects of the culture and environment of the Pacific in a conscious and responsible manner ensures the successful preservation of not only the environment, but also the way of life. Pure Fiji has set up a variety of community projects promoting rural community development and sustainable industries and business practices. Botanical ingredients such as the blend of nut oils are wild-harvested, which means we select the nuts from trees that grow in their natural habitat.. This reduces our requirement for energy dependent irrigation and fertilization methods thus limiting our carbon impact. Gift packaging is made by hand using natural fibers such as handmade paper or in delightful woven baskets.

The Claim:

Cold pressed virgin coconut oil, exotic nut extracts and fresh coconut milk work in harmony to nurture and nourish the skin while soothing the soul. No worries, just added vitality and softness. Contains a complete bio-network of essential nutrients and vitamins for your skin's daily requirements- adding vitality and softness.

My Experience:

Passionflower Spa Soap- $6.95
To begin, the packaging on this creamy coconut soap was lovely! Each handmade bar is individually wrapped in beautiful natural fiber paper and accented with ribbon and flowers. I felt as if I were opening a present! The scent is a doozy however, and immediately hit me after my new ‘gift’ was unwrapped.

Fortunately, the intensity dissipates after a couple of days, but I had a mini-sneeze attack every time I entered my bathroom. I should note that this didn’t stop me from enjoying the entire bar, which lived up to its claims of gently leaving skin clean, invigorated, and refreshed. Those of you not cursed with sensitive sinuses should be fine using the luxiourious cleanser, which boasts moisturizing ingredients such as coconut milk, natural glycerin and wild-harvested exotic nut extracts.

Island Bliss Body Lotion- $33.95

This did an excellent job of moisturizing my dry, sensitive skin. It is much thinner than I expected for a hydrating lotion, but smoothed on wonderfully after bath and lasted all day. It’s great for sealing in moisture without a heavy or greasy feel. I keep a small bottle of Fiji Hydrating Lotion in my bag to keep my hands lightly scented, soft and supple.

Contrary to the soap-related allergy attack, I had absolutely no issues with the lotion, even when applied on my face! Did I mention it doubles as a facial moisturizer? Chock-full of skin-loving oils, including cold-pressed coconut oil, it managed to soothe my parched, troubled skin in a pinch.

Bling Factor:
Pro: The hydrating lotion is lightweight but really does the job. I also love the Pure Fiji "Green Earth" mission.
Con:  The strong scent of the coconut soap, while pleasant, initially aggravated my allergies.
Buy Again: The lotion? Definitely! The soap? Maybe.
Price: $$$
Packaging: 5 blings
Overall Bling Factor: 4 blings

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