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The Minimalist Product Review: Asili Almond Body Butter–Yummy!

The Minimalist Product Review: Asili Almond Body Butter–Yummy!

When I first tried Asili Almond Body Butter, I didn’t expect to be wowed, but I was. The texture is… decadent! I mean, really, this whipped concoction went on so much more like a mousse than a butter, and I loved how moist and supple my skin felt after use.

Asili Almond Body Butter certainly smells edible, though I pretty sure it’s not. Shea butter, a popular ingredient these days, is a primary ingredient in this skin treat. Despite its many benefits, all shea butter products are not created equal. This one does an excellent job with a luxurious feel.

I use this for (almost) everything, (almost) everywhere. My fave locations include my frequently washed, dry hands and of course, the favorite hangout of ash, my elbows and knees! But by far, the best use for was on my feet. Oh, the feet.

My poor peds suffer from chronic dryness, and it takes a really emollient product to bring them relief. I slapped this bad boy on, threw on some spa socks and hit the hay. A mere eight hours later, voila! Soft, touchable feet that smelled delicious.

About Asili Body Butter:

Almond Body Butter 11.5 oz – $19.50

This body crème is rich in Shea and Cocoa butters and emollient-rich Soybean, Sweet Almond & Macadamia Nut Oils with a warm, seductive blend of almond, vanilla and sandalwood fragrance oils.

Other scents available are:  Amber Sandalwood, Ocean Rain, Tropical Coconut and Mango.

So I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a moisturizer that does double duty. Word to the wise, however: the sweet almond fragrance will linger and certainly become your signature for the day. I found this a major plus, as I am into more natural, earthy scents myself and found it blended well with my other fragrance. Those of you into designer parfum might want to go easy when wearing this sensual soufflé, or forgo superfluous scents all together to avoid a dissonant clash.

After such a scent-sational introduction, I look forward to trying more products in the Asili natural line.

Asili Almond Body Butter gets 5 Blings!

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