Team 20/20 Product Review: Corioliss C1 Flat Iron

Ready for swift, silky, straight hair? Corioliss C1 has got your back.

I have tried many a flat iron in my day and The C1 had me at 'Hey Baby'.  

What are the claims

The C1 professional styler is ideal for straighteningcurls or flicks. The 1" wide plate is perfect for all hair types, especially thicker /coarse hair.

Titanium technology allow the plates to glide effortlessly over the hair creating smooth results in one pass. Pro-variable control 140-450°F allows the user to control the heat for various hair types.

The C1 features dual voltage circuitry making it ideal for travel with it's own heat resistant storage pouch. 

Titanium Plates

Far Infrared Technology

Pro Variable Temp Control

Negative Ion

Dual Voltage

Pro 360° Swivel Cord

Floating Plates

What I found:

These plates are GORGEOUS! Titanium plates outscore ceramic and aluminum completely! The Corioliss C1 is visibly and technically superior to some of those other leading brands.  

Let's take a look at the insides:

Round of applause for the 30 second heat up! My favorite components have to be the Pro- variable heat settings and the floating plates. Both contribute to the use of the iron for all hair types. What seems to be the new trend is the 'universal heat setting'.

While this prevents hair novices from singeing off every last follicle, it is better to take control and know what you are doing to your hair instead of blindly following. Corioliss takes care of the matter with their 'Texture to Heat' chart.

The floating plates allow creativity from pin straight to Shirley Temple ringlets. The six year old in me is fascinated with the mirror reflection factor…. Yes, I keep snatching a glimpse, even as I'm writing. 

On to the outside:

My grumble with the C1 is the base is a tad large. Be aware my hands are not of the dainty build. After a few clients, you really begin to feel the workout.

The results, however, are worth it. The velvety smooth outer shells gives the hair a proper resting surface while curling, in turn avoiding the unwanted friction that encourages hotspots and burn-offs of the hair.

The carrying case is a fun and functional heat resistant pouch which is a brilliant triangular masterpiece. In a hurry to get to the next appointment? Throw in in the bag and go! No need to wait for the cool down.  

The Corioliss C1 is my new boo, in cases you were wondering….

Bling Factor:

Pros: Smooth sleek results, quick heat up, easy clean

Cons: Big
Buy Again: yes
Price: $210
Packaging: 5 BLINGS
Overall: 4 BLINGS










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One Response to Team 20/20 Product Review: Corioliss C1 Flat Iron

  1. ck December 25, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    what temperature do you set yours for im trying to get mine as straight as possible but I don’t want to fry it.

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