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C Spot Run: Try Vitamin C for Clear Skin

Are you hiding behind layers of foundation and concealer in an effort to give the illusion that you have flawless skin? Are you wishing that your complexion was even, bright and clear? Well, just stop it with all that heavy makeup.  Break the cycle!  Kiss those dark spots, uneven pigmentation and dull, lackluster skin goodbye […]

Budget Beauty: Affordable Acne Products That Work

I am blessed to NOT have acne, but my oldest daughter does have a moderate case of acne which seems to be exacerbated by stress (college). Since I’m an esthetician and somewhat fanatical about ingredients, the poor girl is always trying something new. The most common ingredients in acne products typically address killing the bacteria […]

Practice Safe Sun: Don’t Forget the SPF

My daughters are on spring break, and so are most other college kids right now.  Many of them in a sun-kissed location doing things their parents are trying not to think about.  But the whole point there is not about the rites of spring break, but how important sunscreen is.  Most of the sun damage […]