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Monday Morning Must Haves

Monday Means Makeup: My Lust List

It’s pretty much a sickness I have.  I can read about makeup and get all worked up. I can be in the deodorant aisle of Walgreens and find sheer contentment.  But I really get excited about newness.  Makeup that just makes you go ahhhhhh.  Any product junkies out there identify with me?  Well, I thought […]

Monday Means Makeup: Cougar Makeup in 5 Steps

Not so long ago one of my BFF’s told me I should write a piece about makeup for “cougars.” I thought she was being funny, but she was dead serious.  She (like me) prefers her “fellas” a tad younger than her 50 years.  I’m not talking robbing the cradle, but considering statistics that women out […]

Is it September Already? New Fall Makeup Collections

I really hate when it’s September and not only are Halloween decorations for sale, but so is Thanksgiving and Christmans stuff.  If it weren’t  for the fact that I’m such a freak for makeup, I would be complaining about Fall Collections launching in mid-July.  Well, I am kinda sorta complaining.  I am drooling over the colors […]