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From the Recycle Bin: Simple Saturday (or Sunday) Beauty in 3 steps

Do you ever have one of those days when you just don’t want to wear a stitch of makeup? One of those days when you just want to to incognito? You know, when the big dark shades and big floppy hat are necessities?  Well, that’s what I’m feeling today.  But, since my business is beauty, […]

What I’m Loving Now: Aubrey Organics NuStyle Organic Hair-Smoothing Serum

I recently whacked all my hair off. I don’t know if it was post mid-life crisis, my ADD or a combination of both, but I made the cut.  And it’s pretty cute.  Kind of Halle Berry-ish, but medium brown with blond highlights. Now, since I am having hot flashes on a regular basis, my hair […]