Saving Face — Monday Morning Makeup Fixes

Saving Face — Monday Morning Makeup Fixes

So you partied a bit too much over the weekend. Or maybe your sick child kept you up all night. Whatever the case, your face is proof positive that you had a hard night. No worries. Save face with these simple fixes for face fatigue. Remember, fake it till you make it – to bed tonight that is.


1. Dull, lackluster skin.

Whether it’s from too much alcohol or from sheer exhaustion, nothing says night of the living dead like a complexion without life. Don’t cover up with a heavy foundation. Instead infuse life to your skin with a tinted moisturizer. Triple duty products that provide color (check), moisture (check) and SPF (check) you will have instant glow. You can even find tinted moisturizer with illumination.

Brands that work:

  • Almay
  • Laura Mercier
  • Stila

2. Dark Shadows

Be sure you have applied your tinted moisturizer under your eyes. Then use a full coverage concealer in the inner eye area next to the bridge of the nose. . Pat to blend. Do not rub your concealer away. Choose a color your skin tone, not lighter. By applying concealer in the inner eye area, your are in effect creating an optical illusion – light will be attracted to that lightened area and focus will be removed from darker areas under the eye. Feather out under the eye. Use the remaining concealer on your finger, brush or sponge on your eyelid and the corner of your eye.

Brands that work:

  • Black Radiance
  • Make Up For Ever Full Cover (also works for blemishes and scars)
  • Lorac Double Impact

3. Blush up

Add color! Try a cream or gel blush that gives a sheer hint of color.

Brands that work:

  • Tarte Cheek Stain
  • NARS the Multiple

4. Nix black eye liner

If you have to use liner, use a blue liner with a hint of shimmer. Blue makes the whites of the eyes appear brighter.

Brands that work:

  • Urban Decay
  • Physicians Formula

5. Gloss up

Keep your lips light and glossy. When your face is a drained as you are, adding heavy lipstick will only make matters worse. Instead, add a bit of color and shine with a bright sheer gloss in a pink tone that compliments your lips.



That’s it girlfriend! Save face!


Do you have face saving tips? Please share!


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