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Editorial: Cleaning out my Closet

Editorial: Cleaning out my Closet

Mariah Carey's shoe closet, part 1 I've been continuously blogging on this site for about six months now, and it seems that I am continuously changing my focus, my voice, my priorities when it comes to subjects about which I write.

In a previous life (paid to blog) I was a mean blogger. My subject was beauty and I chopped up folks right and left for their lack of style sense, bad makeup and more. 

I have to admit there are days I miss it.  But with my determination to become a kinder, gentler more informative blogger I changed my evil ways. Kinda, sorta– I still claim the right to call out bad makeup. Since I embarked on this journey, I have met, albeit virtually, some wonderful writers and have fallen in love with some amazing blogs. 

With that being said, I'm cleaning out my closetblog roll.  I initially just linked to other beauty blogs.  But I don't read half of them, and they don't read mine.  So you know what?  To quote Heidi Klum from Project Runway, (yes, reality TV is one of my guilty pleasures) "Auf Weiterzein." 

And I would just like to introduce you to some of the blogs that I follow. And oh, I can only dream of  having a fraction of the shoes in Mariah's closet, not to mention that organization!  I can just see myself drinking coffee or a martini in that pink chair.  Shoe freak in me is having a mild palpitation… Good Girl Elana PruittElana Pruitt writes a great blog for those of us who are recessionistas.  She is a writer, editor, personal shopper and fashion stylist and finds great bargains of fabulous fashion.  She has great style sense and I'm constantly trying to get my blog to look like hers!  Elana you know I love your layout….Check her out at Good Girl Gone Shopping.

badge_powerfulbeauty1I had the opportunity to blog for a wonderful woman whose blog I read religiously.  I admit that I first stumbled upon Bionic  Beauty because it listed all the cosmetics on sale at drugstores for the week, and I even "borrowed" her list on occasion.  Of course with giving all due credit to Bionic Beauty.  Please take time to read Jami Neville's blog.Artsy Brown Girl TWhen I first started this mission to be a beauty blogger, I wanted to find my niche.  It's been difficult.  I didn't want to be the cookie cutter beauty blog. I kept asking myself, do I want to be a blogger for ALL women, or brown women like me.  Well, as it turned out, brown won out.  And in my search, I found some great "brown blogs". One is by Tracey Friley.  Not only do we share the same first name, but I'm writing a book on the same subject as the one she just published.  Above all, I love her journey to embrace all brown women of the world.  Check out her blog, One Brown Girl.  Tracey sells some really cute stuff too.  I wear my Artsy Brown Girl T-shirt way too much, and all my friends have swooned over the Brown Girl note cards.

Let's make a big left turn here and take a look at the male perspective.  I have become so fond of Ron Eldredge and his voice.  He is an amazing writer with an apparent brilliant mind and heart that is not going to waste.  Please take time to read Anything Urban, Manchild Swagga.  Ron's writing has moved me on many occasions to take it up a notch, to be a better blogger.  And now, after his first year of blogging, Ron is taking on new projects that are reflective of his heart and mind. Thanks Ron, you know I love your blog.


I have a real bad case of ADD with hints of OCD and without medication (that I usually lose or forget to take) I can get pretty spacey.  So I am in utter amazement of anyone who can be so organized and pump out information that is useful on a consistent basis.  EnterSylvia Browder.  WOW!  This woman is on her job.  A business coach and consultant for minority women entrepreneurs, Sylvia is a walking well of business know-how. I try to take one piece of advice of hers per WEEK — daily would just overwhelm me– and put it into practice.  And you know what?  It's working.  If you want to start, sustain or grow your business, Sylvia's blog is a must read. 2banner-2I have also stumbled onto some great other blogs that I am adding today and I clean out the oldies.  I will be mentioning them over the next couple weeks.  A few I am just loving right now are the Black Nerd Network

And Blaq Vixen Beauty is a fabulous beauty blog.  Lakish Campbell has been doing a great job blogging about beauty products 5 days a week religiously.  I want to be like her when I grow up. I'm not really into vintage, well clothing at least — it creeps me out (OCD)– I LOVE the gems on b.vikki vingtage.   Women today should only be so glamourous and fashionable as our mothers and grandmothers.  Ohhh, there' so manmy more but I hate doing all that linking! Over the past few months, I have also had the opportunity raise my voice on other online media. 

I am a beauty editor at Brand Habit. Thanks Carla!  

I write, review, interview and more as an editor at Mahogany Butterfly. Thanks Nicole! 

And I am the beauty editor as Sister's Space. Thanks Nona! 

I contribute to the Nikki Thomas Network.  Thanks Nikki!  Nikki is our Bay Area radio personality with so much spunk, we love her.  Hear that Kevin? (Inside, sorry)  I look forward to the next six months being even more enlightening to me and my readers.

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