Product Review: Scrub me the Right Way—Soap & Glory Flake Away™ Body Polish

Product Review: Scrub me the Right Way—Soap & Glory Flake Away™ Body Polish

I've got a reputation now for being pretty much a scrubbing junkie. I cannot live without EXFOLIATING, and that includes scrubs for face and body.  I really enjoy a serious scrub so yes, I want to feel the pain, feel the burn!  I want to know my scrub is working so that I prefer tend to have a major granular action going on. 

I recently tried Soap & Glory Flake Away™ Body Polish and I was a very happy scrub-a-holic!

Here are the details about Soap & Glory Flake Away™ Body Polish:

What it is:
A super-hero strength skin smoothing spa body polish.

What it does:
This smoothing body polish is made from shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt, and sugar for a formula that eliminates dry skin. Its alluring scent of Soap & Glory's signature Pink Fragrance combines fresh bergamot and mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, oakmoss, amber, woody notes and amber and warm vanilla notes on the bottom.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
– Parabens

My results:

First off Soap & Glory Flake Away™ Body Polish smells delightful! Their signature  scent is not overbearing—it's refreshing and light.  All too often with some scrubs the fragrance can  overtake you, lingering when you don't want it to and interfere with your daily fragrance choice.  But such is not the case with Soap & Glory Flake Away™ Body Polish.

Soap & Glory Flake Away™ Body Polish is has quite a lovely texture.   It is creamy and luxe feeling.  It was  so creamy that I thought I would have a great amount of friction for polishing my skin.  But Soap & Glory Flake Away™ Body Polish did a a fabulous job of polishing my skin and leaving it soft and smooth.  This scrub has a balanced abrasive quality without being harsh, (salt and sugar do the job), so you feel like you are getting a great exfoliation, without looking like you burned yourself in the sun.

I also love that my skin was amazingly hydrated after I dried off.  So much so that I could have gone without lotion.  But,no.  I'm a brown girl, lotion is a necessity.

Another plus for Soap & Glory Flake Away™ Body Polish is that a little bit went a very long way to leaving my skin smoother and refined. The nostalgic whimsical packaging of Soap & Glory combined with the great names makes it a brand that you want to buy one of everything. 

One thing I find little difficult to deal with is the fact that Soap & Glory Flake Away™ Body Polish comes a tub like most scrubs do.   I really wish someone would find a way to put a scrub into a squeeze bottle or a pop top bottle so that it's user-friendly in the shower or bathtub

Overall Soap & Glory Flake Away™ Body Polish  is lovely! It ranks well within the caliber of the top body scrubs I have ever used. So,  even though I'm not crazy but the packaging, it still gets 5 Blings

Bling Factor:

1. Pro: Perfect consistency, not too abrasive, hydrating, leaves skin refreshed and smooth.

2. Con: Dipping wet hands in a jar are is not conducive to extending the life of the product made without parabens, and it's rather clumsy to use.

3. Price: Yes

4. Buy again: Yes

5. Packaging: 4 blings

6. Overall: 5 blings

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