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Don’t Hate Me Because I Have Long Eyelashes: neuLash Product Review

Don’t Hate Me Because I Have Long Eyelashes: neuLash Product Review

I've been abusing my eyelashes since I discovered mascara almost 40 years ago. Of course as a teenager, I bought the cheapest mascara at the drugstore that I could find, completely unaware of the residual wear and tear it would render to my eyelashes. Then there is of course my habit of sleeping my my makeup.  And my really bad habit of pulling the mascara off my lashes during the day when I work.  I think that probably qualifies for something a  professional should check out while I'm laying on their couch. So at 50+ years old, I found myself without the full luscious lashes that my 13 year old daughter has.  (No mascara!)  Now at the late juncture in my life, I've been feelng pretty naked by the eyeballs without wearing mascara. That was until I had the opportunity to sample a tube of neuLash, an innovative new product that has given me new lashes. So I reported on my neuLash experiment two weeks in, and here is my photo after one week: My eyelashes one week after neuLash So after the complete 30 days (40 in my case because of those nights I didn't take my makeup off and I couldn't put the neuLash on) my eyelashes were remarkably longer. I noticed it first when applying my beloved mascara.  One stroke and I thought to myself, "WOW! My mascara must have a new formula!"  Then I realized it was my eyelashes.  Whooaaaa.  Only one coat of mascara and they were popping like mad.  I have to wear my glasses farther down my nose than usual. Then I was working a fashion show and demanding that someone put eyelashes on me.  That's when someone yelled "Don't you already have on falsies [lashes]?"  Ahhh, the neuLash.  It really worked. Move over Brooke Shields…

So this is what I can say without hesitating: neuLash works!

My discomfort was minimal, just a mild tingling upon application.  I didn't notice anything negative at all! No prescription needed for neuLash, unlike it's competitor.  It's priced at $150 and it's worth it. NeuLash gets a whopping 5 Blings! [flash w=100 h=50]

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One Response to Don’t Hate Me Because I Have Long Eyelashes: neuLash Product Review

  1. Traci March 18, 2010 at 7:32 pm

    Wow! I have wanted to try the false lashes for the longest, but am so chicken, I just decided to try a dark mascara and make the eyes up. I’m going to call you about this because I am so scary when trying chemicals, but this one sounds pretty good.

    Is it something that you have to do continuously? Or is it something that you stop after reaching a desired length?

    Good info, Tracey!

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