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Product Review: Milani Liquif’eye Pencil in Green

Product Review: Milani Liquif’eye Pencil in Green

"Mean Green" is trending this week at Blinging Beauty, so I am reviewing something…GREEN! I am a shimmery bronze, earth-tone kinda girl, so  I have once again stepped out of my comfort zone all in the name of my EIC Tracey Brown and Milani Cosmetics.

I was given the opportunity to review another awesome Milani ProductMilani Liquif'eye in Green (eyeliner pencil).  I was shocked to see myself in "Green" Eyeliner. This is not your average green eyeliner, it's housed a convenient automatic propelled pencil-like tube that is space-saving in your make-up bag or purse.

Here are the details about Milani Liquif'eye in Green:

LIQUID EYE Liquid-Like Eye Liner Pencil

•Automatic propel tip/no sharpening required

•All day, smudge-proof wear

•Provides smooth application, almost like a liquid liner

•Paraben free

The Princess Diva's experience:

While in the mirror, I started thinking to myself "Ok you might be on to something here" as the more I applied, the more I started likiing Milani Liquif'eye #06 Green, I ended up applying 5 to 6 strokes to each lid to get the desired olive green I wanted. I found each application to be smooth and effective since I was going for a thicker line. Overall, I was satisfied with the outcome, I guess there is nothing wrong with a few extra strokes.

Since being introduced to Milani. I decided to put Milani to the test by going in and out of 90 degree weather for about 4 hours or so and Liquif'eye passed the test without running or smearing. 

Milani has two metallic colors in blue and purple, Green is the only one without Bling but has shimmer. Milani offers quality but affordable make-up for the everyday woman and it's not hard to find. I think I found another BFF to wear with my  olive green polyester work uniform. 

Bliing Factor

Pros: Smooth application, no smudging or smearing

Cons: Multiple applications needed for color to pop

Price: 5.99

Buy Again: Yes

Packaging: 5 Blings—Sleek, slim and convenient

Overall: 5 Blings









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