Product Review—Makeup: Proactiv® Smoothing Primer

Product Review—Makeup: Proactiv® Smoothing Primer

As an adult acne sufferer with sensitive skin, I try to choose products that will stabilize or correct my skin issues. From start to finishing touches, I use products that are non comedogenic (acne-causing). Imagine my joy when I discovered Proactiv®, one of the premiere acne fighting brands had created Proactiv® Smoothing Primer.

About Proactiv® Smoothing Primer.:
Proactiv® Smoothing Primer is a light, mattifying formula that goes on with the ease of a gel while acting like a powder to quickly absorb excess oils. Proactiv® Smoothing Primer is an oil free, non comedogenic formula that contains white tea to help reduce free radicals. The unique texture helps fill in fine lines and minimise the appearance of pores for a radiant, matte complexion. May be worn alone or under make-up for smoother, longer-lasting wear.

My Results with Proactiv® Smoothing Primer:

The first thing I noticed was its ultra smooth texture. I applied Proactiv® Smoothing Primer to my face after thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing my face. I noticed a little goes a long way with this little tube of magic! The gel blended in quickly and was not greasy. I used Proactiv® Smoothing Primer under my makeup and I realized my my makeup was more even with less surface texture changes. I used less makeup as a result.

Throughout the night, I paid attention to how my makeup was wearing and how my skin looked. I am not one to fuss much over touch ups, but I was curious to see how fresh my makeup would stay. In fact, I even after a night of dancing my makeup had not “melted” off my face. (We’ve all experienced that at least ONCE!)

Proactiv® Smoothing Primer’s price range is at around $30. Although the price is a little higher, I find that it’s right in line with fine brands, AND it does its job considerably better. I must use a primer, and Proactiv® Smoothing Primer is my go to primer now.

Bling Factor:
Pros: Velvety smooth texture. Lightweight. Easily absorbed without being greasy. Long lasting.
Cons: None
Buy Again: Yes
Pricing: $30
Packaging: 4 Blings— packaging well suited for dispensing the product
Overall: 5 Blings

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