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Product Review—Makeup: Black Opal Total Coverage Spot & Scar Eraser in Heavenly Honey

Product Review—Makeup: Black Opal Total Coverage Spot & Scar Eraser in Heavenly Honey

The good news—I'm an esthetician.  The bad news—I don't practice what I preach.  I sleep in my makeup. I forget to moisturize.  And the coup de grace is that I tweeze my pesky 50+ whiskers that are ruining my life.  I really know better.

Next thing I know, I have once again fallen into the vicious cycle of tweeze, pick, tweeze, pick. The ugly tweeze-pick ritual that I am so addicted to is the catalyst to my most dreaded skin condition—hyperpigmentation. 

I should probably mention that I have mild OCD. (I don't wash my hands a thousand times a day, but I do like my glasses in height order in the kitchen cabinet and not mixed with coffee mugs.)  Once I get wound up with the picking, it's over.

So thank you Black Opal for  Total Coverage Spot & Scar Eraser in Heavenly Honey! Here are the details:

High pigment, maximum coverage eraser effectively camouflages blemishes, scars, tattoos and other imperfections on areas of the face and body to create naturally perfect-looking skin. Smudge resistant. Matte Finish. For All Body Skin Types.
Using the applicator sponge, apply directly over the area to camouflage. Set with Invisible Oil Blocking Loose Powder

My Results:

Out of sight, out of mind.  This is what the uber skin care specialist Kathryn Leverette tells me all the time.  If I cover my "issues," then I won't be tempted to pick.  Well, it's true.  With Total Coverage Spot & Scar Eraser, my "issues" are completely covered and I can stop obsessing and picking!

Total Coverage is creamy and completely covers without looking cakey.  The color Heavenly Honey was an almost ideal match for my skin.  A little more yellow or gold would have made it perfect.  

The packaging is pretty smart, too.  The concealer is dispensed through a narrow hole and spreads through the sponge tip. This allows you to easily control the amount of concealer you apply.  Additionally, the concealer is so pigment potent that you need very little to cover even the darkest spot.  

Once it dries, it stays put and does not rub off!  YAY!  Don't you hate it when you get those nasty tell-tale makeup smears on your clothes? It won't happen with Total Coverage.  Particularly if you set with the recommended powder.  (I happen to be adverse to powder on my aging skin, so I avoid it.)

Bling Factor:

Pro: Excellent coverage, long-wearing, a little goes a long way, great price

Con: Could use more colors

Price: $8.95 for .50 oz.

Buy Again: Yes

Packaging: 5 Blings–Love the sponge tip applicator

Overall: 5 Blings—Great product for the price and it does what it promises!

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  1. rockwyld March 29, 2012 at 9:28 am

    Hey Tracey where can you buy this product? I am interested!!! Is it at Walgreens? Target? Or do I have to order it online?

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