Product Review: Made From Earth Rooibos Tea Facial Scrub

Product Review: Made From Earth Rooibos Tea Facial Scrub

I have a few categories of products that I can’t live without — scrubs and anti-aging serums and creams are among my must-haves.

I was recently sent a few products from Made From Earth to check out and there are two in particular that I’m loving.  But first, a few words about Made From Earth.  I am particularly impressed with the ingredients that they utilize in their formulations — organic aloe vera, chemical-free Jojoba, organic lavender, organic honey, and organic green tea. I feel like I’m shopping at Whole Foods when I look at their creams —  a Triple Berry Cream that contains organic blueberry, organic raspberry and organic cranberry.

* Organic, holistic and healthy supplier of organic body lotions, organic face creams, and, organic lip balms.
* Extensive selection
* Great prices.
* Chemical free skin care products.

I tried the Rooibos Tea Facial Scrub and being the scrub-aholic I am, this was my first product to use.  FYI– rooibos is African red tea, a favorite ingredient of mine due to it’s being a rich source of antioxidants.  And the fact that this scrub is a double-duty product gives it an automatic extra Bling!  (exfoliant and moisturizer)

Here’s the claim:

This moisturizing face scrub is designed to release toxins and improve skin cell circulation. When combining Rooibos tea with aloe vera, our scrub creates a powerful mix of antioxidants designed to penetrate your skin and detoxify. It contains bioflavonoid, vitamins, plant oils, fruit flavonoids, and Rooibos Tea. Jojoba beads gently clear away dead skin cells while the potent antioxidant Rooibos tea releases toxins improving skin texture. These antioxidants help slow the aging process and boost the immune system. For oily skin its great because after using the scrub you may not need an additional moisturizer. And its great for dry skin because it will not overly dry out your face like other cleansers.

I personally love a super vigorous scrub (not always the best for one’s skin, but it’s my addiction).  This one is very gentle, yet effective,  so it’s ideal for sensitive skins or those who prefer a lighter scrub.  Bonus points for not stripping skin and leaving a moist balanced surface.

Check back, I have a couple more products to review from this beautiful brand.

Made From Earth Rooibos Tea Facial Scrub gets 4 Blings!

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