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Product Review: Brow Diva Eyebrow Makeup

I certainly consider myself a Brow Diva.  I think every self-respecting makeup artist HAS to be a brow diva (or devo); sculpting the perfect brow is the ultimate exercise in makeup expertise.   As such, I have used every single tool on the planet to perfect my client’s brows—pencils, powders, waxes and mascaras.

Some eyebrow products work amazingly well, and others not-so-well.  Some require an advanced degree in makeup artistry to use I trash them immediately.  My favorite medium is powder—it’s soft and forgiving. I find that all too often, when I give a client a lesson and instruct them with a pencil, it’s difficult for them to grasp the light feathery stroke that’s needed for a natural look to the brows.

I recently tried some eyebrow makeup products from Brow Diva Deanna Netti Cahill, an eyebrow artist located in Rochester, NY.

First off, I have to give props to anyone who outright calls herself “The Brow Diva”.  So this Brow Diva went to work with them.

1.  Brow Base $25,  available in 6 colors

A wax based product that is a must for anyone suffering from sparse brows. May be used alone or in conjunction with other Brow Diva Brow Products for more intensity of color.

2.  Brow Powder $25, available in 6 colors

A uniquely formulated powder that offers lasting color with the ease of sheer, soft application. This product is appropriate for all brow types.

3.  Brow Mascara $22, available in 5 colors

A matte, tinted gel that is formulated specifically for use in the brow area. This product will alter the color of the brow hair itself and is a must for covering gray hair, softening dark hair, or giving a touch of color to pale brows.

Now, my eyebrows are black and I prefer them lighter, so for everyday the brow mascara in Katherine, a light warm brown, is perfect.  I also tried the brow base and brow powder and they work beautifully as well.

4.  Duo Brush $23
A dual purpose brow brush featuring an angled side for perfect brow product application and a spooly side to blend brow color and to hold brow hair in place for precise trimming.

And I LOVE this double ended brush that is available—it’s a spoolie mascara wand on one end, so you can groom your brow hair, and it is an angled brush on the other end.

All of the Brow Diva eyebrow makeup products lived up to my standards for application and wear.  The site is a little hard to manage, so when shopping, just click on “details” under the makeup products.

Brow Diva gets 5 blings.

These products were given to me to review.

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One Response to Product Review: Brow Diva Eyebrow Makeup

  1. Lynn March 8, 2011 at 5:49 am

    After having full brows in my earlier years, my brows are sparse. Many thanks for these product tips that you have tested.
    Lynn Champion

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