Party Girls: IMAN Incognito Smoky “Private Eye”

Party Girls: IMAN Incognito Smoky “Private Eye”

It's the party season.  Why not take the time to change up your usual makeup routine.  A go-to look for party girls is a smoky eye.  

And it seems that traditionally,  the smoky eye paired with a nude lip.  

This season, however, uncover the hidden mysteries of a smoky "private eye" and a deep dramatic lip for a head-turning look of intrigue.

Ageless supermodel Iman wears the smoldering Incognito Smoky "Private Eye" with the style of a cover girl, but she also makes it easily accessible for every other girl.

Get Iman's "Private Eye" look:


Get Iman's Incognito Smoky "Private Eye" Look:

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