Monday Morning Must-Have: Ambi Even & Clear Exfoliating Wash

Monday Morning Must-Have: Ambi Even & Clear Exfoliating Wash

In a perfect world, we would all look like we had a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend as we return to work on Monday. However, more often than not, we tend to feel drug-out, with the need for another day off, and look the part as well. Little “fake its” are perfect for fooling our workmates into thinking that we did have that perfect weekend…

One that I happen to love is Ambi Even & Clear Exfoliating Wash. This medicated wash (salicylic acid 5%) leaves skin looking and feeling refreshed.  Plus, any time you exfoliate, your skin gets a “rush” of blood, which makes your complexion look like you have just taken a run, or heard a naughty joke.

Here are the details about Ambi Even & Clear Exfoliating Wash:

This unique cleanser with microbeads gently exfoliates skin by removing dead skin cells. It is specially formulated with a dermatologist-recommended skin clearing ingredient, salicylic acid, with EvenBlend™, a combination of soy extract and vitamins C & E to help clear skin of pimples and breakouts while keeping skin even toned. With daily use, this creamy exfoliating cleanser rejuvenates skin, leaving it more radiant and smooth.

My results:

Being the exfoliating afici0nado I am, I found so many reasons to love Ambi Even & Clear Exfoliating Wash. First there is the texture — creamy with micro exfoliating beads. I happen to be a firm believer that if I’m exfoliating with beads, I should feel them in action. Well, in this exfoliating wash, you can definitely feel the scrubbing action, because the beads are plentiful. Their size is so small that you cannot over do it with the exfoliating though. Believe me, if it could be done, it would have scrubbed my skin raw…

I also love that there is salicylic acid included in the formula. This just improves the results of this exfoliating cleanser because your pores are refined too. And that’s exactly what I have found — my enlarged pores are minimized with the darkness getting lighter as well.

For a Monday morning, and any morning, you will find that Ambi Even & Clear Exfoliating Wash is a perfect way to wake up your skin and face the day.

Bling Factor:

Pro: double duty exfoliant and cleanser, gentle yet effective

Con: None

Price: $5.99

Buy Again: Yes

Packaging: 4 Blings

Overall: 5 Blings

Hero Ingredient: Micro beads, salicylic acid

Natural/Organic/Vegan: n/a

Cruelty Free: No




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One Response to Monday Morning Must-Have: Ambi Even & Clear Exfoliating Wash

  1. Toya June 29, 2014 at 8:33 am

    I like Ambi products. They haven’t been harsh on my skin.

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