Minimalist Product Review: LUSH Ultrablast Toothy Tabs

Minimalist Product Review: LUSH Ultrablast Toothy Tabs

In my quest to become ever more "minimal," I stumbled across an innovative product that is natural and minimum waste: tiny, dissolvable tablets packed with lavender oil, wasabi, sea salt and spearmint. They're weird, they're cool, and they'll change your oral hygiene routine forever! They're LUSH Ultrablast Toothy Tabs.

Never heard of them? You're not alone—the soft, chewy toothpaste replacements are something of a novelty, but Ultrablast is a LUSH exclusive that will blow you away!

Here's the claim for LUSH Ultrablast Toothy Tabs

A blast of wasabi!
Ultrablast will blow you away with intense minty freshness packed into a dynamic solid toothpaste tab. This Toothy Tab will bless you with the freshest breath you'll ever have. Wasabi has a powerful antibacterial action. It also hits your mouth with a refreshing blast of peppermint, spearmint and lavender oils that make your mouth feel completely clean.

How to use them
Innovative and delightfully refreshing, toothy tabs foam up just like "regular" toothpaste to clean your teeth and leave your mouth feeling fresh. Just crunch one up, grab your wet toothbrush and start brushing for a good three minutes. Rinse out and show off your sparklers to everyone. Each box contains 40 tabs for your oral pleasure.

My experience: 

LUSH Toothy Tabs definitely take some getting used to. It's a weird concept and equally weird to execute, but once I got the hang of it, I loved them. Soft and dissolvable, Toothy Tabs are quite small, about the size of a baby asprin. You simply shake out a "tab," crush it up between your teeth and brush away! The Toothy Tab foams up and becomes a paste, gently scrubbing away any residue and leaving my teeth and gums with a nice minty tingle. I actually look forward to brushing my teeth with Ultrablast,  and they're gentle enough to be used twice daily as dentists recommend. My mouth has never felt fresher. 

One word of advice: be sure to store LUSH Toothy Tabs in a dry place (as in, nowhere near your sink or wet hands), or the recyclable cardboard box can get wet and ruin the product. I happened to learn this the hard way. Of course, the warning is clearly printed on the container, but it can get tricky in the bathroom while brushing your teeth. Also be careful when shaking out the small pellets, as too many can escape the opening. 

Toothy Tabs also make a great travel companion. Since the box is compact and lightweight, this would easily fit right into a makeup case or packed overnight bag without adding much weight, making a mess, or subject  all you jet setters to those pesky carry-on liquid restrictions. 

Ultrablast is eco-friendly, made with 100% vegan, all natural ingredients, and the price is right at a mere $3.95 a pop- what's not to like? As the LUSH site declares, "toothpaste is just a habit." I gave it up and haven't looked back!

Bling Factor

Pros:  True to its claims, freshens breath and gets teeth ultra clean. Affordable, perfect for travel and would make a fun gift!
Cons:  Love the biodegradable packaging, but wish it were a bit easier to use.
Buy Again: Yes
Price: $3.95
Packaging: 3 Blings
Overall: 5 Blings

Check out Lush Toothy Tabs:

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