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Best Gifts for Manly Men: emerginC Skin Care & Shaving System

Best Gifts for Manly Men: emerginC Skin Care & Shaving System

Is your Manly Man losing his luster? Maybe he needs a dose of Vitamin C—emerginC that is. The fact of the matter is that men are recognizing the rigors of daily life can take it's toll on not only their health, but their skin as well.

More men are opting in for cosmetic surgery and are caring for their skin with great skin care products. emerginC is one of those brands that makes the perfect gift for giving your Manly Man a dose of daily vitamins.

About emerginC:

emerginC creates one of the most active, cosmeceutical and medical-grade skincare on the market today. Usingonly high-quality, cutting-edge ingredients, emerginC is formulated with natural plant-based preservatives insteadof parabens. emerginC is proud to offer advanced technology combined with incomparable quality and age-defying results and is recommended by top dermatologists.

emerginC’s liquid gel cleanser

Thoroughly cleanses without over drying. Formulated with hops, because of its antiseptic properties, and pine, for its refreshing, stimulating essential oil, this lemongrass-scented oil cleanser gently removes excess oil and dirt. The liquid gel cleanser for men also uses the astringentproperties of rosemary and horsetail, as well as lemon and citric acid, loaded with the beneficial ingredient, vitamin C.

emerginC’s p.m. fortifier

Contains key plant extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and peptides to help relieve, soothe and rebalance skin. An active, hydrating nighttime emulsion, the p.m. fortifier for men will improve tone and texture and help fight visible signs of aging.

Price: $49.00

 emerginC’s post-shave reinforcer 

This lightweight, fresh-scented, soothing facial balm is designed to improve moisture balance, tone and texture. Made with soothing ingredients like aloe vera, sweet almond oil and olive oil, the post-shave reinforcer for men is a gentle yet effective treatment. Arnica improves circulation, while allantoin helps repair damaged skin. A special blend of active peptides designed to “relax” wrinkles and prevent stiffening of collagen gives the post-shave reinforcer for men the power to fight the visible signs of aging.

Price: $47.00

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