Manly Man—Columbus Short: 4 Grooming Style Tips from GO 24•7

Manly Man—Columbus Short: 4 Grooming Style Tips from  GO 24•7

Believe it or not, guys have grooming dilemmas, just like women have beauty issues.  The difference is that their “issues” aren’t as big, and easily resolved. Our favorite Manly Men on the red carpet, the big screen or the television,  look like they were just “born that way”, but the truth is that they need a little help to perfect their style.  Here are four grooming tips that will make his life (and yours) easier.

Columbus Short, better knows as Harrison Wright on Scandal, our favorite gladiator, epitomizes stylized grooming, making him our Manly Man of the moment.


Rule #1: Find a hairstyle that doesn’t require more time spent than making breakfast in the morning. You want to be able to get out of the door quickly, so an easy ‘do is a must. A close, low cut like the one Columbus wears, just plain works.

Columbus Short


Rule #2: Don’t follow a trend. You may admire a full beard and mustache, but it also may not be right for you. If you have unwanted facial hair, try the GO 24•7 Shave Cream ($15.95) that will give you the smoothest of shaves.

Go 27 7 shave cream

Rule #3: Don’t overload on grooming products. Instead, look for multi-purpose cleansers, moisturizers and body sprays. Try the GO 24•7 Face & Bald Cleanser ($17.95) which is perfect for the face and scalp.

go 24 7 face and bald cleanser

Rule #4: Consider the environment. If you are always in the sun, be sure to use a sunscreen to avoid overly tanned, aging skin. Try GO 24•7 Face Scrub ($15.95) that sloughs off dead skin and top with the GO 24•7 SPF 35 ($20).

go 24 7 group shot

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