Trending: Spring Cleaning…And We Don’t Mean Your Baseboards

Trending: Spring Cleaning…And We Don’t Mean Your Baseboards

When you think of “Spring Cleaning,” what pops into your mind? Wearing rubber gloves and pushing a mop to buff your wooden floors to their glowing best?

Do you see yourself hunched over on hands and knees scrubbing baseboards? Are you doing a little touch-up painting here and there? Maybe you love the adrenaline rush from spraying the heck out of your windows with a power-wash?

Or perhaps you change up the scenery in your home by rearranging furniture, replacing pillow covers and adding fresh flowers. We all know that this is the time of the year for organizing your “stuff.” Maybe it’s time to repurpose or recycle some of that “stuff”…

For those of us who are beauty obsessed, the term “Spring Cleaning” brings a different set of rituals to mind. Rather than stripping floors, why not peel away layers of winter skin with a super-charged exfoliant to reveal glowing skin?

How are your hands and knees looking, by the way? Do they need a little TLC as well? It’s probably time to give those often-neglected body parts that work overtime some much-needed attention.

When you look in the mirror, are you looking a little pale? Have you lost your summer vibrancy? It’s probably time for a little touch up of body glow, bronzer or a self-tanner. A facial mask suited for your skin type may be all the touch-up you need.

Lots of women adore power tools, so there is no better time than spring to power up your own tools. Check out a home microdermabrasion system, or a power-charged facial cleansing tool!

The needs of our skin change with the seasons, so now is the time to rearrange your skin care priorities. A lighter weight version of your current moisturizer or a toner might be necessary. Your cleanser needs to step up another notch as the days get warmer.

Body-baring season is right around the corner. Does your skin need buffing? Firming? Lifting? Spring is the time to get your exfoliation going and keep it glowing with body creams, lotions and oils.

Has your hair lost its glow? It probably needs a serious deep conditioning and fresh styling products that add luster and shine to your winter-weary tresses.

Spring also dictates that we replace our deep makeup color with fresh pops of color. Reorganize your makeup so that you are in touch with the floral trend of the season.  This season, it’s all about Tangerine according to Pantone, so take the time to go through your beauty stash. Maybe you have an orange lipstick that you have been afraid to try. Now is the time to work it! Give your nails a trip to Miami Beach with a mani or pedi topped off in the sassiest shades of tangerine.

So, look forward to all of our reviews, recommendations, and raves for skin care, body care, hair and makeup for your "Spring Cleaning" needs.  And by all means, share your favorite products with us!

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2 Responses to Trending: Spring Cleaning…And We Don’t Mean Your Baseboards

  1. thegorgeousblog March 28, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    LOL  I started getting my “spring cleaning” in order with the Brazilian facial peel and some pedicures.  I like to have my feet sandal ready BEFORE I can actually wear them.  Springtimes soy candles are a fav of mine also.  

    • Tracey Brown
      Tracey Brown March 28, 2012 at 4:32 pm

      Hey SanTara–
      I need to try that peel!  And my feet, ahhh, yes.  Getting the pedi Friday~

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