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Makeup Review: Lancôme MIRACLE CUSHION Liquid Cushion Compact Foundation

Makeup Review: Lancôme MIRACLE CUSHION Liquid Cushion Compact Foundation

It’s a rare day that I go without foundation. As a busy new mom, I really haven’t taken care of my skin like I would prefer over the past 11 months, so I take the easy way out – makeup! Now, I don’t want to look like I am wearing a truckload of makeup, so I prefer my foundation to be light and natural in appearance. And, even though I have oily skin, I like my skin to look radiant, not matte and powdered. So, I was thrilled to be able to review the new Lancôme MIRACLE CUSHION Liquid Cushion Compact Foundation.

About Lancôme MIRACLE CUSHION Liquid Cushion Compact Foundation $47

Lancome MIRACLE CUSHION Liquid Cushion Compact FoundationWhat it is:

A color-true, liquid foundation in a unique cushion sponge that seamlessly delivers light to medium coverage while hydrating the skin.

What it does:

This oil-free Miracle Cushion Liquid Cushion Compact creates a dewy finish for a polished glow. Its innovative cushion sponge contains over 800,000 pores to transfer the ideal amount of product for an effortless makeup application. This multitasking formula is infused with skin care actives that give skin a boost of intense hydration, delivering a cooling sensation while brightening the appearance of skin. Miracle Cushion provides the benefits of a BB/CC cream while offering the benefits of light to medium coverage found in a liquid foundation. Simply give this foundation compact an easy tap for light coverage, and then give it a heavier tap for more coverage. Suspended in a cushion sponge, the liquid is enclosed in an air-tight compact for convenient portability.

What else you need to know:

If you want a more precise application, I think it’s really useful just to fold the applicator in half and use that for those tricky-to-reach areas: so around the sides of your nose, under your nose, around the edge of your face, or underneath your eyes. And if you do find that you need extra coverage, use your concealer on top. It will blend really easily on top of your Cushion.—Lisa Eldridge, Lancôme Makeup Global Creative Director

My results:

Lancôme MIRACLE CUSHION Liquid Cushion Compact Foundation is so different from other foundations I have used. The cushion looks kind of like a sponge soaked with foundation. You take the round applicator sponge and touch it to the cushion, then apply the foundation. It’s pretty amazing.

The very first time I applied Lancôme MIRACLE CUSHION Liquid Cushion Compact Foundation I was just thrilled. It goes on with ease, and it covered my skin with a medium, natural looking finish. In areas where I wanted more coverage, I was able to go back on another layer of foundation without it looking heavy.  The coverage is so great (for me at least) that I can forgo concealer. I just pay this miracle foundation under my eyes and I’m good to go. I am a brown girl with deep-toned skin, so I sometimes have a difficult time matching my foundation. Not so with Lancôme MIRACLE CUSHION Liquid Cushion Compact Foundation – 450 Suede N matches me perfectly.

The finish is not only a sheer-to-medium coverage, but it leaves your skin looking brighter, radiant and luminous. Just the right finish for this busy mom. Additionally, Lancôme MIRACLE CUSHION Liquid Cushion Compact Foundation wears fabulously well, all day as a matter of fact. It stays in place and doesn’t come off on my clothes!

Also, a little goes a very long way, so don’t be afraid of the price!

Bling Factor:

Pro: Radiant, natural coverage, long-wearing, great color matching for brown skin, easy-to-use

Con: None

Price: $47

Buy Again: Yes

Packaging: 5 Blings

Overall: 5 Blings

Hero Ingredients: N/A

Natural/Organic/Vegan: Yes

Cruelty Free: No

lancome miracle cusion foundation brown skin



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