Look Good Feel Better — Makeup Works

I volunteer for the Look Good…Feel Better program. This program assists women who have lost their hair and eyebrows with skincare, haircare (wigs) and makeup.  I’m so happy to “paint” faces for those who truly feel a boost in their mood when they see how color/makeup can transform their self-perception.

I have to rant before I continue…


I occasionally read the online content at a site that’s dedicated to women over 50.  I got into a heated online debate via a comments secton with a very homely women who could really do with an encounter of hair color, micro-dermabrasion and any makeup she could find within a 100 mile radius.  Now, ordinarily I could care less if someone chooses to primp or not.  That’s each one’s own decision.  But this very haggard looking woman was blasting women who wore makeup.  I thought, have you looked in the mirror in the last 30 years?  She looked like she could pass for an extra in the Grapes of Wrath and we were the same age.

Now, I know I’m blessed with good genes; I don’t look my age.  BUT I’m fully aware of the benefits of a well-placed flick of mascara, how an artificial flush of blush can awake an otherwise lackluster complexion and what how just a hint of gloss will speak volumes.  My issue with this woman was she was not THE VOICE for the  world of women.  Every women who chooses to wear lipstick is not shallow.  And believe it or not, color can transform one’s mood.

In Max Lusher’s book, The Lusher Color Test, he claims that when people look at pure red for a long time, their blood pressure, respiratory rate, and heartbeat all increase. This occurs because the red tends to excite the nervous system. Blue, conversely, has just the opposite effect; i.e., blood pressure, respiratory rate, and heartbeat all decrease. Color in the environment actually has a wide-ranging impact, affecting everything from one’s mental abilities to their physiological responses.  No wonder the woman in red gets all the attention or why seaside vacations are an instant inducement to relaxation.

My makeup kit aka rainbow bright, helps me provide a boost to women whose self-esteem has reached an all time low for various reasons.  I previously shared my story of working with burn victims. That same lift I provide to women who have skin grafts and no eyebrows, I also provide to women who have been ravished by cancer.  I’m proud to help make their skin glow, show them fake-it-til-you-make-it eyebrows. Makeup works.

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