Headlines: 5 Haute Hair Date Night Styles

Headlines:  5 Haute Hair Date Night Styles

Looking for a sweet hairdo for the Day of Hearts?  

Pick your quick Date Night persona from these chic, yet easy-to-do yourself hair styles!  

We chose ladies whose locks are always on point with sass and style.  

From eyelash grazing bangs to lengthy locks, these styles are perfect for a date night, any night of the year.

1.  Zoe Saldana

Subdued Mood:The Side Bun
If you are planning for a laid back,  chill kind of date, maybe a day trip around the city, try this easy-going yet flirty braided side bun. Soft and subtle yet touchable.

Hold your bun in place with GoodyModern Updo Chignon Pin Brown/Blond $6.99

2. Melanie Fiona

 Bangs to be Reckoned With
Nothing like keeping things mysterious with the side swept bangs like the ones Melanie Fiona is sporting. A subtle "look in to my eyes" maneuver. Works every time.

Keep bangs wispy and in place with got2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion $5.99

3.  Keke Palmer

Go With the Flow

What's more come-hither than satin waved hair strands? Check out how Ms. Palmer's delicately honey dipped locks vamp up an amazing little black dress.


Keep your luscious locks free-free, smooth and shiny with Smooth 'N Shine Polishing Silk 'N Sleek Heat Protect Straighten Polish $5.99 

4.  Jada Pinkett

Wild and Loose

There is just something about this thing called freedom.  You can't go wrong with letting your hair do its own thing…naturally.

Healthy hair is beautiful hair, so keep your wild and loose curls in control with Jane Carter Solution Condition & Sculpt $9

5.  Halle Berry

Chic and Sweet 

Play the temptress with a pixie or a wispy bob. Go into character and get a wig if you dare!

What ever you do, keep it together! Try Carol's Daughter Macadamia Hold & Control Smoother $22 



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