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Green Day Thursday: Editor’s Pick—Lady Soma Renewal Serum

Green Day Thursday: Editor’s Pick—Lady Soma Renewal Serum

Serums are such a vital part of my skin care regimen, I can’t imagine living without them. For anyone wanting substantial results for their skin, I always recommend using a treatment serum. I have been trying to use more and more organic products, or at least those that are free of nasty chemicals. So, I was quite delighted to receive Lady Soma Renewal Serum to try and review.

Here are the details about Lady Soma Renewal Serum $42:

The Renewal Serum penetrates deep into the dermal layer of the skin to repair damaged skin. The serum stimulates the development of new skin Lady Soma Renewal Serumcells with the power of Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin A. The formula diminishes the appearances of lines, minor scars, age spots, and sun damage for fresh looking skin. It may be used as a skin brightener to restore complexion and enable an even skin tone.

• Clears damaged skin cells by penetrating the dermal layer
• Enhances glow and clarity
• Regenerates healthy skin cells
• Repairs facial scar tissue

Why we picked it:

AHAs — alpha hydroxy acids– are an important ingredient in helping clarify skin, and Lady Soma Renewal Serum includes a plethora of organic acids and organic Kojic Acid which all help to give the skin a fresh look. Sure enough, my skin was clarified and brightened while using this serum.

A big plus for the fact that the formula does not irritate, but is gentle while delivering major impact. My pores were minimized and kept clear while using this serum. Many times serums “roll” when you apply moisturizer or makeup over them, but that’s not the case with Lady Soma Renewal Serum — you can layer products without worry of them reacting negatively.

I highly recommend Lady Soma Renewal Serum to anyone who wants an effective organic anti-aging treatment for their skin.

Bling Factor:

Pro: Organic ingredients, exfoliates, brightens, diminishes large pores

Con: None

Price: $42.00

Buy Again: Yes

Packaging: 5 Blings — plenty of product in a glass bottle

Overall: 5 Blings

Hero Ingredient(s):  Organic Herbs, Aloe Barbadensis (organic aloe vera) Vitamin A, Vitamin E, organic AHAs

Natural/Organic/Vegan: Yes

Cruelty Free: Yes

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