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Get the Look: Jill Scott’s Glam Rock Faux-Hawk

Get the Look: Jill Scott’s Glam Rock Faux-Hawk

Are you loving the Faux-Hawk Jill Scott is rocking with a fierceness?  We think it's the hottest hair we have seen this summer.

Whether you decide to shave the sides of your hair or not, try these steps for your own twist on Jill's Faux-Hawk.

Items needed:

▪ small hair band
▪ bobby pins
▪ styling comb
▪ hairspray (flexible hold)
▪ hot rollers (optional)

1.  Create a large horseshoe section at the crown and temporarily secure the hair. (Hot rollers can be added to the top section at this point. This will ease the molding process and minimize fly-aways. Secure the remaining portion in to a smooth, medium-to-high ponytail with the hair band. Apply hairspray.

2.  At the top, working from left to right, we are going to be working in 4 equal part sections. Temporarily secure sections 1 and 4. Now, with 2 and 3, spray each piece and create large voluminous pin-curls directed towards base of the ponytail. This is your chance to be daring and control the height/drama of the style. Smooth, Secure and Spray.

3.  Spray and smooth piece 1 create a broad pin-curl by directing the hair towards the face and secure, covering any parts within the crown section. Be careful to spray . Smooth and spray again. Repeat on section 3.

4.  With your ponytail, go crazy with pin-curls. Pin them in various directions. The messier, the better. Spray, Smooth and Secure.

5.  One final shot of hairspray and it's time to HIT THE TOWN!


Hairspray suggestions:

1. Aubrey Organics NuStyle Organic Hairspray — Regular Hold 5oz $9.95

2.  got2b smooth operator smoothing hairspray $5.99

3.  Paul Mitchell Awaphui Wild Ginger Finishing Spray $18


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