Expert Panel: NARS Makeup Artist Janice Daoud—Top 5 Items For Instant Glam

Expert Panel: NARS Makeup Artist Janice Daoud—Top 5 Items For Instant Glam

It's that time of the year again.  Party time!  

Not only are there the regular holiday parties, but there is the requisite office party. There is your mom's family get-together. There is your BFF's  annual get-your-goove-on blow out. 

And then of course, there are all the parties that your besties invite you to.  Not to mention the cubicle-to-happy hour-to-the-club parties where you have to looks glam in an instant. 

Instant glam is doable, and it's easy!  Janice Daoud, International Makeup Artist for NARS, shares five simple steps and beauty picks from the NARS line for any girl to get glam in an instant!  

So keep strut your stuff in your sexy stilettos (Janice wears Loubies)  and try Janice's tips for gorgeous glam…courtesy of NARS.

1. Shimmer Eye Shadow
Add some dazzle to the eyes with a wash of shimmer color, nothing says glamorous like sparkle.
NARS Night Rider, Single Shadow

2. Black Eyeliner:
In addition to lining across the top of the eye, lining the inner rim of the eye adds intensity and extra definition. Attention-grabbing eyes are always the key to looking glamorous.
NARS Via Veneto, Larger Than Life Eyeliner

3. Highlighter:
For a healthy glow, apply a highlighter to the cheekbones and down the center of the nose to reflect light and add “jewels” to the face.
NARS Maldives, The Multiple

4. Bold lipstick:
Grab a red lipstick and apply to your lips followed by a clear high-shine gloss over the top for added punch to your pout .
NARS Red Lizard, Lipstick

5. Body glow:
A healthy glow with a light scent will leave you feeling fresh and sexy from head to toe.
NARS Monoi Body Glow II

Get your NARS Instant Glam!




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