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Expert Panel: Celebrity Hair Stylist Larry Sims Insider Tips & Trends

Expert Panel: Celebrity Hair Stylist Larry Sims Insider Tips & Trends

Celebrity Stylist Larry Sims, whose celebrity clientele includes Kerry Washington and Gabrielle Union, shares his monthly insider tips on the latest trends and how to recreate them with Smooth ‘N Shine products:

1. A big spring hair trend seen on the runways was the extreme slicked back look. What are your tips to take this look from runway to real way and what Smooth ‘N Shine products would you use?

“Less is more” is the best way to go with this type of hairstyle. A great way to obtain a fierce, slicked-back runway look in your everyday life is to apply Smooth ‘N Shine Diamond Luster Anti-Frizz Glistening Conditioning Gel at the hairline and brushing fly aways back with a boar bristle brush. Wrap a silk scarf around your hairline for 10 minutes before you head out the door to ensure long lasting sleekness.


2. A bright and colorful headband is a great way to update your style for spring. Can you provide some tips on what looks can be created with this hair accessory?

Headbands have made a huge comeback and definitely help to jazz up your personal style. For a chic and easy look, embrace your natural texture and create a fashionable up-do. First, loosely roll hair upward into a French twist, securing with pins. Lock in your French roll/undone texture with Smooth ‘N Shine Diamond Luster Anti-Frizz Pump ‘N Hold Spritz and place a colorful headband at the crown of the head.

3. One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to exercise more. What’s a great way to refresh your look after hitting the gym? What Smooth ‘N Shine products would you recommend a woman keep in her gym bag?

With the New Year coming up, people love hitting the gym and working out requires sweat. What’s unfortunate about sweaty hair is that it gets tangled and frizzy. To combat that unattractive matted mane, you should always carry Smooth ‘N Shine Instant Repair Hair Polisher with aloe vera in your gym bag. Not only does it detangle your hair and prevent breakage, it also keeps the cuticle tame and frizz-free.

4. What’s a hairstyle you envision celebrities will be sporting at red carpet events this year? What Smooth ‘N Shine products would you recommend using to re-create these looks?

2012 will be the year that we bring hair back to a smoother texture. Although slightly undone styles are sweet, a sleek look is more elegant for the red carpet. First, prep damp hair with Smooth ‘N Shine Silk Style Foaming Wrap Lotion. Blow dry hair using a Denman brush and finish with a flat iron to achieve a long lasting, smooth texture that will allow you to shine not only on the red carpet but also in your everyday life.


5. Braids continue to be a popular style. What are some sophisticated and unique ways to create braids using Smooth ‘N Shine products?

Braids are continuing to make strides on and off the red carpet. My favorite look is the Poetic Justice braids. Whether you’re wearing them down and organic or up in a messy bun, make sure to keep your scalp feeling fresh and healthy with the Smooth ‘N Shine Olive & Tea Tree RevivOil Weave & Braid Healthy Scalp Spray. It also helps to give your hair a gorgeous shine. 

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  3. Anonymous December 21, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    I keep the hair polisher on hand.  It’s a must!!  Great for all hair types and textures.  Great tips!  Thank you Tracey & Larry. 

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