Event Recap: ORS® Introduces New Monoi Oil – Anti Breakage Protection Collection Launch

Event Recap: ORS® Introduces New Monoi Oil – Anti Breakage Protection Collection Launch

On November 4, 2014, I attended the ORS® Launch Event at Riff Raff’s, a tiki bar/lounge in Manhattan. There, ORS introduced their New Monoi Oil – Anti Breakage Protection Collection!


“ORS™ (formerly Organic Root Stimulator™) is the #1 brand in the ethnic hair market! Though we now have an easier-to-remember name and a fresh yet familiar new look, we have the same great hair care products you know and trust. ORS™ Is Still The One For Healthy Hair! The hallmarks of our company are exceptional quality, performance and integrity – qualities which we employ to develop and deliver the best hair care products for natural and relaxed hair.”

At the very intimate and exclusive launch event with a Tahitian-themed atmosphere and the signature cocktail “The Coconut,” ORS CEO Clarisa Wilson and Afrobello gave opening and welcoming remarks to the invited guest bloggers/vloggers. They were excited to introduce ORS® New Monoi Oil – Anti Breakage Protection Collection to the hair and beauty community with men-eye-candy to bring the introduction to life!

The ORS Monoi Oil Anti-Break Collection includes:

ORS Monoi Oil Collectiona (1)NEW Oil Fusion: This Oil Fusion is made for natural or relaxed hair. With this exclusive blend of Monoi, Olive and Passion Fruit Oil, it has many benefits to promote natural healthy hair. It will help to protect hair from breakage. Reduce protein loss and improve the surface of the scalp. No Silicone or mineral oil. SRP 2.o oz. $7.49

NEW Leave-In Conditioning Crème: This Leave-In Conditioning Crème can be used for daily styling, curl refresh or as a super hydrating hair treatment. It reduces protein loss for stronger, healthier hair while moisturizing and conditioning. Great for natural and relaxed hair with noticeable improvement in manageability and shine. SRP 16 oz. $5.99 

NEW Edge Control: This Edge Control has a new flexible bold formula that is made for natural and relaxed hair. This flexible formula is not hard, dry, or stiff. Edge Control helps protect edges from breakage, smooth edges, and controls frizz while moisturizing. Made without sulfates, parabens, or mineral oil. SRP 2.25 oz. $5.49

NEW Rejuvenating Spray: This powerful Rejuvenating Spray is formulated with a rich formula penetrated into textured curls and down the hair shaft to nourish scalp. This spray provides silky curls and shine while controlling frizz. SRP 4 oz. $5.99

NEW Luminating Spray: This lightweight formulated spray won’t weigh relaxed or thermally-straightened hair down. This spray provides glossy hair with body while controlling frizz naturally. SRP 4 oz. $5.99

Available at

“ORS, formerly Organic Root Stimulator, the industry leader in natural, therapeutic healthy hair care, has focused their new collection, Monoi Oil Anti-Breakage with Omega 3 & 6, on address the unmet needs of health-conscious, multi-cultural consumers. Hair breakage remains the #1 problem among African-American women with both relaxed and natural hair. ORS Monoi Oil features natural proven ingredients with Omega 3 & 6 to combat breakage, leaving hair strong and long. 

This new collection uses Monoi Oil as an active ingredient to promote healthy, beautiful hair. Monoi is an ancient Tahitian word meaning ‘scented oil’ and is widely used among French Polynesians for hair and skin protection. Monoi Oil is a combination of authentic Tahitian Coconut oil soaked with fresh gardenia flowers, which is both safe and effective in fighting breakage and providing radiant shine.”

Wilson excitedly stated that “The New ORS Monoi Oil Collection was a labor of love. The products feel luxurious, the fragrance is additive and delivers with a healthy dose of Omegas 3 and 6 plus antioxidants to sustain fiber integrity in natural or relaxed hair. ORS brings natural ingredients and oils to the forefront – as done with ORS™ Olive Oil – that solves real hair problems with real ingredients that work.”

This launch event was amazing and I can’t wait to give the collection a try! Check out more pictures from the Launch.




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