Daily Bling: Expert Mascara Application

Daily Bling: Expert Mascara Application

Makeup companies are notorious for trying to emulate the tricks of the trade from professional makeup artists.  From vibrating mascara’s to bent wands, there are new mascaras on the market to get you all caught up.

But know this, you don’t have to go and buy a new mascara to have expert application.  My favorite trick is this:

Pull  your mascara wand almost all of the way of the tube—where only the head of the wand is in the tube.  Bend it to a to a 30 to 45 degree angle. And yes, it goes back into the tube without incident.

With this bent wand, it’s much easier to deposit mascara directly to the lash line, and then pull it through your lashes.   One of my pet peeves is seeing that fleshy look at the base of lashes, so DO take time to be sure that your mascara is well coated at the depths of your lash line.

And don’t waste your money on buying one of those mascaras with the bent wand.  You can do it yourself.

Second mascara tip that comes from that whole vibration mascara ridiculosity (just made that word up)—squiggle your mascara through your lashes. Sort of a left-to-right or right-to-left motion as you pull it through.  This helps coat all your lashes and separate them at the same time.

Got it?

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Do you have a tip or a favorite mascara?  Please share with a comment below.

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