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Bling or Ding: 2011 Grammy Awards Red Carpet

Bling or Ding: 2011 Grammy Awards Red Carpet

The 2011 Grammy Award show was rather ho-hum last night but the red carpet arrivals were the highlight of the evening.  Well, with the exception of Esperanza Spalding winning the New Artist of the Year award—that was the true highlight.  Thankfully real talent was recognized.

The red carpet arrivals were pretty much a case of the good, the bad and the ugly.  I have an ongoing fascination with Rihanna’s red hair, so I suppose I should add her hideous clothes to the list.  I don’t care if they are by Galliano.  And Nicki Minaj, what can I say?  This is a beautiful woman who is just buffoonish—I don’t get it.

Mya was absolutely ravishing and glamorous.  Jennifer Hudson was so classy.  With her dramatic weight loss and tiny frame, she could have easily gone the route of showing a bunch of skin and looking ridiculous, but she is such a lovely lady.  I like that.

Ciara and Keri are both working the blue, but Ciara’s blue is just nauseating.  And what’s with those sandals with that gown.  Fire the stylist Ciara!

I have my favorites, what about you? On with the show:

Mya — Major Bling!

Rihanna —Ding!

Keri — Bling!

Ciara — Ding!

Jennifer Hudson — Bling!

Nicki Minaj — Ding!

J Lo — Bling!

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