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Beauty News: Palmer’s Introduces Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion for Men

Beauty News: Palmer’s Introduces Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion for Men

Guys – you can now step away from your significant other’s beauty supply! It’s true, men have limited options when it comes to choosing an appropriate skin care product, in fact, according to NPD, 97% of lotions sold are targeted to women.

Because of this, sometimes it’s just easier to sample the products that wives, girlfriends or sisters have to offer. But men have different skin care needs and concerns than women, which is why Palmer’s is putting men first with its NEW! Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion for Men.

Palmer’s, the trusted brand that has been providing consumers, and even celebrities, with moisturized skin for decades, is now specifically targeting male fans with a skin-pleasing lotion to satisfy their unique skin care needs.

Exclusively designed for men looking to attain healthy, hydrated skin without shine, this fast-absorbing,emollient lotion treats men’s skin with the respect and attention it deserves, while leaving it with an
invigorating scent that doesn’t overpower.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion for Men is an ideal year-round skin companion, protecting skin against cold, dry weather in the winter, preventing moisture loss between seasons and moisturizing post-sun exposure in the summer.

This all-purpose lotion is formulated with pure Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E to deliver superior hydrating powers for ultra smooth and touchable skin. Formulated for body and face, the Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion for Men is a multitasking grooming tool that works to moisturize from head to toe.

Perfect for …

  • Men who need a solution for rough, dry skin
  • Gentlemen tired of raiding their significant other’s cabinet for lotion
  • Men seeking a lotion targeted just for their skin care needs

Get your Palmer's for Men here:



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