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Beauty News: A New Way to Shop for Beauty Products–Try Before You Buy at Trymbl

Beauty News: A New Way to Shop for  Beauty Products–Try Before You Buy at Trymbl

After nearly 35 years in the beauty industry, I sometimes feel like I have seen it all.  And then, on occasion, I’m pleasantly surprised, or even geeked about a hot new innovation in beauty product technology or with the way I can purchase new makeup and skin care.

Since I LOVE online shopping, it’s no secret that I have no less than 4 beauty websites that I frequent on a daily basis.  You know them—I call them the top 4. And, for the most part, they all present the same shopping experience.   I can browse by brand or category and sometimes narrow down my category by my concern—antiaging, combination skin…

The one option that no shopping site has offered me has been the ability to try before I buy.  For me, it’s critical to sense the product before I decide to buy – how it smells, feels, looks, are all important to me. But to do that, I have to drive to various stores, which is so passé!

And then there are a gazillion beauty sampling “box” services out there now.  I can get a box of practically anything these days… the only catch is that I have to pay for the “free” samples and I have no control over what I will get.  Why do I need acne spot treatment when I have dry menopausal skin?  Or how about that foundation in shade “light” and I need a color in deep tan?  No thanks.

Trymbl_maroon_vertical_v2 (454x454)There hasn’t been one service that lets me try my makeup or skin care before I spend a single cent.  Not until now.  Now there is Trymbl, which not only personalizes my shopping (browsing, recommendations, etc.), but I can try most of the products without paying a dime.

It feels like the physical store just became digital and is comes to me now, instead of me going to the store! Now that’s innovative shopping technology.  That’s what every beauty product junkie like me needs.

That’s why I am changing the order of my favorite beauty shopping sites.  Trymbl has moved to the top of my list. Make way for a Big 5–Trymbl is launching and I can’t wait to discover the amazing beauty brands they are launching with!

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2 Responses to Beauty News: A New Way to Shop for Beauty Products–Try Before You Buy at Trymbl

  1. Joanna April 6, 2013 at 8:45 am

    Will be checking them out now!

  2. Qiana (key-yah-nah) April 3, 2013 at 10:33 am

    Nice!!! Can’t wait to try them out.

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