What I’m Trying Now: Jane Carter Hair Nourishing Serum

What I’m Trying Now: Jane Carter Hair Nourishing Serum

After doing the "Big Chop" in October, I've been on a quest to find products that nurture my natural hair. Rave reviews are all I've ever heard about The Jane Carter Solution line and since my hair is experiencing some breakage and shedding trying the Hair Nourishing Serum was a no-brainer.

Enriched with Vitamins A,D&E which help to strengthen and grow your hair. I'm looking forward to waving bye to breakage and dryness and saying hello to healthy, growing and shiny tresses. Be sure to check back soon as I'll be sharing my results.

What it Is:
The Jane Carter Solution Hair Serum is a hair repair serum used to promote growth and reinforce the strength of your hair.
What it does:
This serum works to strengthen your hair while reducing hair breakage and promoting growth. The 100% natural serum is ideal for chemically treated or natural hair.
Price: $20

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