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Trending: Green is the New Black—At Least for This Week

Trending: Green is the New Black—At Least for This Week

With the imminent annual celebration for those of Irish ancestry, we can't help but to think about green—beauty loot that is.  Not our usual perspective on green beauty, though.

This week., we are taking a divergent path from the normal green=organic. As a matter of fact, green is growing pretty broad shoulders.  For all intents and purposes, this week, our trending category is "Green is the New Black."

With no less than a gazillion green makeup products from the ordinary categories enticing us—eyeliner, eyeshadow and nail polish—we cannot ignore the mainstay beauty loot about which we write.  Would you rock a green lipstick?  Not on another celebrated day—Halloween—but for the red carpet, or a date night, or to your cubicle. Yup, we got green lippies.  

What about your favorite green scent? Is is grassy?  Fresh?  No doubt it's perfectly appropriate for the upcoming spring season.  Think about those classic green-colored fragrance bottles.  What comes to mind?  Ralph Lauren Polo?  Bulgari Green Tea?  Perhaps you can share your favorite green scent with us as we explore some newbies to the fragrance scene.

Do you dip in to a jar of green creaminess at night?  No, not mayo gone rogue, but a must-have moisturizer?  A mask?  We are certain that someone out there is playing with a green dream cream, and if not, we are going to introduce you to a few. 

Think of all the yummy green  ingredients that you may have in your kitchen or pantry.  Good ole green tea comes to mind, but what about lime, seaweed, clay, peppermint, cucumber, olive oil, aloe vera, neem, avocado, basil and green papaya?  Do you read your ingredient labels?  Do you know what  that latin botanically correct ingredient is?  Can you name some more ingredients of the green sort?  Please do. We ran out of gas solar powered energy.

And not to be neglected, is the green category that's very near and dear to our hearts, organic beauty.  So look forward to our reviews, top 5 picks and "green" red carpet looks of your favorite celebrities.  We will be waxing poetic over emerald, forest, army, sea foam, jade, kelly, hunter, olive, moss, chartreuse, teal, and of course, green!

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