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Team 20/20 Product Review: Carol’s Daughter vs. Hair Rules

Team 20/20 Product Review: Carol’s Daughter vs. Hair Rules

Styling Creme Twins? I have found two products that appear to be identical, a tweak here and there for the better, but nonetheless, a close call: Hair Rules Hydrating Finishing Creme and Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Lite. The goal was to tame this MadWoman hair of mine….Let the showdown begin! First up: Carol's Daughter Hair Milk LITE "The Curl Booster"

What it is: A curl-boosting, weightless hair lotion that's adapted from the brand's famous original formula. What it does: The Hair Milk Lite The Curl Booster tames frizz and leaves your hair under control, all while defining and enhancing your natural curls. What it is formulated WITHOUT: – Parabens – Sulfates – Synthetic Dye – Phthalates – Triclosan

What I found : The formula does tame the frizz to a degree when added to freshly washed hair, but it works the best when setting a a style in braids, twists, etc. With a few silicone bases, the tad-bit-sticky consistency is best suited for wavy to large ringlet patterns. Both textures of which I have, however, this did nothing for my beloved patch of "defiance". My the most unsuccessful part of this trial was the overbearing scent! Every time I whipped my hair back and forth, there was a wall of fragrance thrown back at me. Others made comments of how strong the product was, so needless to say, I was a bit self-conscious. Pros: Natural oils included Cons: Strong smell, minimal hold Buy Again: No Price: $20 Packaging: 4 Blings Overall: 3 Blings Next up: Hair Rules Hydrating Finishing Cream

The final step in your care and styling routine, this uniquely non-greasy finishing product keeps textured hair infused with essential moisture to keep curls soft, hydrated and shiny all day long.  

What I found: The frizz control peeks through, but it's nothing to write home about. The slightly tacky consistency contributes to a wet-set style, however, the consistency is better suited for wavy to large ringlet hair. The scent is very mellow and non-evasive and I appreciate that. Pros: Smooth consistency, natural oils Cons: Minimal hold Buy Again: No Price: $20 Packaging: 3 Blings Overall: 3 Blings   Are they the same?

  • Consistency – Hair Rules is a smudge thicker.
  • Use/Effects – Yes
  • Price – Yes

  The big difference was the aroma. If you want a noticeable fragrance, pick Carols Daughter Hair Milk LITE. Fragrance sensitive? Pick Hair Rules Hydrating Finishing Cream.  

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