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Buy Pink Day 21: Tweezerman BCA Slant Tweezers

Buy Pink Day 21: Tweezerman BCA Slant Tweezers

In 1999, Tweezerman initiated their Breast Cancer Awareness project (BCA) as an integral part of our Second Bottom Line. To commemorate their commitment to the fight against Breast Cancer, TMI features the iconic BCA Pink Ribbon logo on our best-selling Slant® Tweezer and Petite Tweeze® Set annually (during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October), and […]

Fall Trend 2009 Thick Eyebrows — The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Groucho Marx Who comes to mind when you think of thick eyebrows? Sade?  Brooke Shields?  Groucho Marx? I think of all the them– the good, the bad and the ugly. Sade  (the good), one of my all-time fashion favorites rocked the thick brows back in the day with a vengence.  I of course tried to […]