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Simply Saturday: Comfort Makeup — Organic Style

Simply Saturday: Comfort Makeup — Organic Style

The weather is crisp and it dictates that we take care to nourish our skin. The word comfort comes to mind. Wrappingup in a warm coat, or slathering a luxury cream on our bodies are applies to our faces too. Makeup can be comfortable. So get comfy with these skin-saving tips for Simply Saturday makeup. […]

Fierce Friday: Secret Weapon– Easy Breezy Style

Have you ever seen that girl that just looks like she rolled out of bed looking sexy? Not all done-up sexy. But easy breezy sexy? I think Joy Bryant has that look. Like she’s not trying. And in my book, that’s a plus. Don’t you think that being a standout for simple sexy, easy breezy […]

Top 5 Tinted Moisturizers

How many times have you gotten up a little late and prioritized applying makeup to the end of your to-do list? Unfortunately with so many demands thrust upon us as professional women, we have to make those choices — what has to go and what can stay.  But why eliminate a step in your beauty […]