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Simply Saturday: Comfort Makeup — Organic Style

Simply Saturday: Comfort Makeup — Organic Style

The weather is crisp and it dictates that we take care to nourish our skin. The word comfort comes to mind. Wrappingup in a warm coat, or slathering a luxury cream on our bodies are applies to our faces too.

Makeup can be comfortable. So get comfy with these skin-saving tips for Simply Saturday makeup.  And to increase your comfort level — try using organic makeup that's über good for your skin.

The best way to apply comfort makeup?  With your God-given digits!

1. Skip Matte Makeup Instead, try makeup that nourishes your skin and offers double-duty benefits. Look for soft glow and low-level gleam.

2.  Use products that multi-task. Double duty makeup  is our friend!

3. Keep it simple. As difficult as it may be, pare down to only 3-4 products for your simple, comfort makeup application.

Start with Josie Maran Tinted Moisturizer $38 This triple-duty comfort cream is a protective and preventative lightweight moisturizer, sheer foundation, and sunscreen (SPF 30) in one. It contains Argan Oil, which has many benefits such as softening the skin while also toning and firming.

Flush cheeks with Vapour Organic Beauty Blush-Stain $28

This multi-use tube of gorgeous color can be used on lips and eyes too.  Formulated with a therapeutic base of light, dry plant oils with natural mineral pigments and vitamins.   After you apply to cheeks, use the remainder on your eyelids for a pop of natural color.  Don't forget your lips!

Finish eyes with Tarte Lash Hugger Natural Mascara $18

Seal the deal with Alba TerraGloss $5.95

Simply apply over your freshly stained lips for a touch of shine.


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