IMAN Cosmetics

Iman Honored at CFDA 2010

Iman is stunningly gorgeous. After recently meeting Iman, a timeless fashion/beauty icon, I am determined to maintain not only my youthful attitude on life, but my 50 something looks as well!  Iman was honored at the 2010 CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Fashion Show last night, and she most certainly stole the show! […]

I’m in a New York State of Mind

So, I am back from New York. More specifically, back from being transported to New York by Iman Cosmetics to be part of their presentation of their new Luxury Radiance Foundation. (My blog posting about my ultimate foundation won this fabulous trip). I had a great time.  Stayed in a lovely hotel, made some new […]

I’m a Winner! Thank You Iman!

I think I can count on one hand stuff I have won via contests. I can’t even remember what it was now that I wrack my mind.  But I woke up this morning and per usual, the first thing I did was check my email on my smart phone.  There was an email that said […]