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Blinging Babes

Woman in RED — Beyonce’ at 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards

Can this chick get any hotter? I’m loving the red lips on Bey… Hmmm, it seems that red is the new performance color of choice for Beyonce’. Who can forget that debacle caused by Kanya at the VMA’s earlier this year? Beyonce’ was rocking the red then too. Love the red. I think I need […]

Beyonce’– Blinging Beauty of the Week

Beyonce’– Blinging Beauty of the Week

I am such a slacker.  I planned my Blinging Babe category for my blog months ago and haven't made one etry yet.  My list is an arm long, but today I had to start with Beyonce'.  You know why.  Contrast Kanye West's obnoxious display of self entitlement on the VMA's last night with Beyonce's gracious […]