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Really?: Big Lips, Big Hips, Spray on Tans and Other Stuff (repost)

Really?:  Big Lips, Big Hips, Spray on Tans and Other Stuff (repost)

 I wrote this post to generate comments, so, please comment freely: When I started this blog, I decided to be a kinder, gentler blogger than I was in a previous life. I blogged for another company about beauty and all the related stuff that went along with it.  I really enjoyed chopping celebrities up and bashing […]

Beyonce’ Opens Cosmetology Center In Phoenix House New York

As if she isn’t busy enough, my favorite B girl, Beyonce’ has yet another charitable foundation under her belt. Today Beyonce’ and her mother, Tina Knowles  unveiled the Cosmetology Center in the New York chapter of Phoenix House. Since 1967, Phoenix House has been helping people of all ages from all walks of life lead […]

Woman in RED — Beyonce’ at 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards

Can this chick get any hotter? I’m loving the red lips on Bey… Hmmm, it seems that red is the new performance color of choice for Beyonce’. Who can forget that debacle caused by Kanya at the VMA’s earlier this year? Beyonce’ was rocking the red then too. Love the red. I think I need […]