Superbowl Sunday Sexy in 5 Simple Steps

Superbowl Sunday Sexy in 5 Simple Steps

Super Bowl Sunday is the one day of the year that men worship the television, the grill and the bar like no other.  If you are a football lover, then you very well may be in the huddle with your guy slinging back brews, checking the football pool and screaming at the television, “Can’t you see the blitz?” or “ Oh, my god, he tackles like a girl.”

On the other hand if you hear “tight end” and think about your latest trip on the elliptical at the gym or think that a “pump fake” is a pair of Louboutin knock-offs, and a “face mask” is your weekly at-home spa treatment, then you probably don’t have a clue about the game.

So you should at least look sassy enough to cause a distraction.  These five simple steps to Super Bowl sexy may at least get you some half-time attention—provided Fergie isn’t on the big screen.

Using double-duty products that bump up your “offense” are the best route to take him off guard.

1.  Defense—Start with a tinted moisturizer

Try: Josie Maran Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30

A protective and preventative lightweight moisturizer, sheer foundation, and sunscreen in one.

2.  Tackle—Hide any dark circles and blemishes with a concealer

Try: Tarte The Eraser Concealer

Contains Skinvigorating™ ingredients that help treat and soothe irritated skin and blemishes; in medium to full coverage.

3.  Blitz—Bring your eyes to the fore with a long-lasting liner

Try: Physician’s Formula Eye Definer Felt-Tip Eye Marker

Lasts for 24 hours and removes easily with any eye makeup remover.

Top with two coats of mascara.

4.  Pass—Skip heavy blush, and opt instead for a light creamy tint

Try: Vapour Organic Beauty Aura Multi-Use Blush – Stain

Long-lasting and designed to make your cheeks, lips and eyes pop.

5.  Extra point—Gloss up your lips to complete your look

Try: The Balm BalmShelter SPF 17 Tinted Gloss

These long-wearing jojoba-based shades soothe, moisturize, and protect your pucker from damaging UV rays while keeping you looking sexy.

So get your man-in-motion and rush the passer with these simple tips for Super Bowl sexy.

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