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Product Review—Skin Care: AmorePacific Time Response Eye Renewal—It’s Worth the Splurge!

Product Review—Skin Care: AmorePacific Time Response Eye Renewal—It’s Worth the Splurge!

I have two primary skin care obsessions—exfoliation products and eye creams.  I can't live without either one, and really, the more the merrier.  My bio even states that I am an eye cream aficionado.  I can't help it, there's something about the powder of a hydrated under eye area that just makes me happy. 

I have quite a checklist of must-haves for eye creams that I love.  They can't be too heavy or too light.  They must absorb quickly and easily.  They must be multi-tasking, or at least double duty.  

My ideal eye cream treats my dark circle and keep fine lines at bay.  It also must keep my eye area hydrated throughout the day (even though I am a habitual eye cream dabber).  And they absolutely cannot interfere with my concealer—another beauty obsession.

So, with my lengthy list of eye cream essentials, I am always looking for the next best eye cream.  Recently I was able to try AmorePacific Time Response Eye Renewal and let me just say, in a word, WOW!

Here are the details about AmorePacific Time Response Eye Renewal:


This restorative treatment improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, darkness and puffiness in the delicate eye area.

What it Does:
Stimulates Collagen Production—Improves skin density; reduces fine lines, wrinkles and sagging.
Controls Melanin Production—Improves skin clarity and promotes an even complexion.
Improves Hydration Levels—Increases skin radiance, smoothness and firmness.
New Technology

Consists of Green Tea Stem Cells, Green Tea EGCG and Green Tea Saponin.
Stimulates essential genes to restore optimal skin functions.
Microfluidic Delivery System
24-hour time-release delivery system developed by Dr. David Weitz Research Group at Harvard University.
Provides optimal penetration of powerful ingredients.
63 Active Botanical Ingredients:
Potent botanical ingredients deeply moisturize, correct hyper-pigmentation, reduce inflammation, increase cellular turnover and provide antioxidant protection.
Take the desired amount with the provided spatula.
Apply evenly along the orbital bone with gentle patting motions.
About Amore Pacific:
More than 60 years ago, Amore Pacific founder Sung-Hwan Suh introduced his concept of harnessing the natural restorative powers of indigenous Asian botanicals to deliver a more healthy, youthful appearance. The Amore Pacific collection features treatments derived from plants such as bamboo, green tea and Korean red ginseng, which are harvested at peak times to capture the highest nutrient potency.

My results:

Bling, Bling, Bling! Let me just get this out of the way and say I'm in LOVE with AmorePacific Time Response Eye Renewal!  I have raved and gushed over eye creams before, but AmorePacific took eye cream to a whole new level with this beautiful product.  

AmorePacific Time Response Eye Renewal met all my requisites for an eye cream.  The texture is luxuriously rich but light.  It feels like a balm because it's so emollient, but it sinks right into the skin, leaving a light, hydrated finish.  

Most mornings I am suffer from puffy eyes, but this eye cream alleviates the puffiness within minutes.

The time-release claim keeps its promise.  From the moment I put this eye cream on in the morning, until the moment I cleanse at night, my eye area is moist.  

My dark circles are diminished while using this eye cream.  I don't know if that will be long-term, but I'm happy for the results, temporary or not.  I also believe my eye area is a bit firmer.  

I suffer from dry sensitive eyes, and I have no issues using this cream around the orbital bone as directed, and on my eyelid (not directed)

A small amount of this precious cream is all you need to do the job, so despite the hefty price tag, it's pay off in the long-run.  

Overall, AmorePacific Time Response Eye Renewal gets 5 Blings!

Bling Factor:

Pro: long term hydration, minimizes puffiness and dark circles, firms and brightens eye area

Con: Price—it's not for the budget minded!

Price: $260

Buy Again: Yes

Packaging: 5 Blings—Lovely, spatula included for scooping product from luxury gold jar

Overall: 5 Blings

Shop AmorePacific Here:





















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