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Spa(ahhh) Day Sunday: MaskerAide I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Sheet Mask

Spa(ahhh) Day Sunday: MaskerAide I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Sheet Mask

Of late, I have really become a fan of sheet masks. They are reminiscent of the masks that I used as an esthetician when I had my skin care practice. The benefits are amazing  when you cover your favorite mask with sheet (I used gauze sheets in the salon). Now, sheet masked come with the mask infused in the material, all you have to do is unwrap it, slap it on and take a nap. The latest sheet mask I tried is MaskerAide I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Sheet Mask and it’s perfect for our Spa(ahhh) Day Sunday treatment.

About MaskerAide I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Sheet Mask $6

MaskerAide_ I dont wanna grow upGo ahead, jump in the ‘Fountain of Youth’ and splash around! Who ever said you had to grow up anyway?

I DON’T WANNA GROW UP is an intensive, multi-action mask that helps to prevent and combat the signs of ageing while nourishing your skin. It provides deep hydration and delivers a healthy dose of age-defying ingredients including natural Ylang-Ylang Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Elastin to help diminish fine lines and bring out your youthful glow.

My results:

Well, the name of this mask was the first thing that sold me — the thought of growing up is fine, but the aging part is what gets me. So, knowing that MaskerAide I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Sheet Mask made me quite happy.

When you open the package for MaskerAide I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Sheet Mask, you will find that it’s soaking wet, and cold. Don’t let that deter you though. Go ahead and unfold it and put it on your face. It quickly warms up on the skin. I found that the sheet fits pretty well, as it accommodates my large face. : ) There is a lot of product in the mask, so you will probably find it to be a bit drippy, (it’s a cream serum) but that’s not so much a bother. Just do what the instructions say, and massage the excess into your neck and chest. I also used it on my hands like hand cream.

After about 15 minutes you will probably want to take the mask off — I did, that’s about my limit with a mask. You will find that your skin is still a little wet, moist if you will. Again, no problem, simply massage or press this residue into you skin. On the instructions it says to rinse or massage in, but I don’t believe in wasting product, so in it goes!

My skin felt a little “wet” for a few minutes as I had quite a bit of the mask residue left on it, but in about 5 minutes it absorbed and my skin looked and felt great. What I noticed the most was the glow and that my skin looked “plumped.” While plump my be an evil word when you are talking about your body, if you are over 50, you love the thought of “plump” skin. I have a few very fine lines in my forehead (my kids say I’m imagining things) but, they are practically imperceptible  after using this mask.

What I love the most about MaskerAide I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Sheet Mask is the fact that my skin feels moist after using it, like I have already applied a moisturizer and the glow that it leaves. It’s perfect for a Spa(ahhh) Day Sunday.

Bling Factor:
Pro: Great ingredients, easy to use, leaves skin glowing, hydrates
Con: A little drippy, but it’s not such a big deal
Price: $7
Buy Again: Yes
Packaging: 5 Blings — I’m a sucker for cute packaging, expiration date clearly printed on the back, great instructions
Overall: 5 Blings
Natural/Organic/Vegan: Biodegradable, Vegan
Hero Ingredients:  Ylang-Ylang Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Elastin
Cruelty Free: Yes


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