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Spa(ahhh) Day Sunday: DIY Honey & Yogurt Hydration Mask

Spa(ahhh) Day Sunday: DIY Honey & Yogurt Hydration Mask

In these cool winter months, all skin types need an extra boost of hydration. If you are a DIY girl, you will love this DIY homemade hydration recipe for a honey and yogurt facial mask from NYC-based dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe.

After I remove my makeup, I like to apply a quick DIY hydrating mask before I go to sleep. My go-to is a honey and yogurt mask, which is a mixture of 1 tbsp of honey and 2 tbsp of yogurt. I leave this on for just 10 minutes and in the morning my skin looks dramatically hydrated when I wake up! The honey delivers moisture to parched skin and helps unclog pores, while the yogurt contains probiotics which helps fight inflammation in the skin.

yogurt honey mask

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