Simple Solution for Excessive Sweating

So not only are we in our summer season, I happen to be of the age where I am having my own personal summers.  It’s just not fun.  It’s not cute.  At the most akward times I find sweat pouring profusely from my face.  Or I am fanning myself with whatever is at hand, and that can be dangerous if I am in the middle of chopping veggies for dinner. 

Another sweaty situation…

Have you ever had the displeasure of shaking hands with someone who had sweaty palms?  It’s like shaking hands with a pervert.  It just feels totally gross.  I can’t wait to disinfect with Purell.

And yet another sweaty sticky mess…

Do you ever go out dancing?  I don’t mean that Arthur Murray stuff, I’m talking about the club.  I like to get my two-step on now and then, but there goes that sweating stuff again. After getting through Flo Rida and Black Eyed Peas, my hair is approaching afro status, and I am a candidate for a wet t-shirt contest.

So the skinny on a simple solution for Excessive Sweating…Drumroll please!



injection-free medicated hyperhidrosis control wipes
DermaDoctor Med e Tate  $48

DermaDoctor Med e Tate $48

What the heck is hyperhydrosis?  According to DERMAdoctor, “Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition described as excessive sweating despite being inactive. Medical hyperhidrosis affects 3% of Americans. The face, underarms, palms, soles, areas under the breast, cleavage and groin areas are most commonly affected.” 

Med e Tate Packs

Med e Tate Packs

These handy wipes come individually packaged and you don’t have to have hyperhidrosis to need MED e TATE. Sweaty hands due to anxiety from dates, job interviews, and the curves that life throws you are embarrassing. MED e TATE helps prevent this. Also keeps make-up from melting on a hot day; prevents fashion emergency wet spots under breasts, underarms and inner thighs.

So I just placed my order for personal use, and for use on my clients to keep their makeup from running under hot lights, incredible pressure (brides and grooms).  Check back to see my formal review. 

You don’t have to take my word for it though.  Med e Tate has been positively reviewed by InStyle staffers who had the pleasant experience of remaining sweat-free all day! 

 Check out the Today Show’s review of Med e Tate.


So let me know if you try Med e Tate.  I would love your feedback!  And I happen to think that less sweat is definitely Blinging Beauty!, Inc.


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