Product Review: Wet n Wild SaGreena The Teenage Witch

Product Review: Wet n Wild SaGreena The Teenage Witch

St. Paddy's day is around the corner and the search is on for something green. While searching high and low, start off with an easy green find—green nail polish is a great start as it's an inexpensive splurge.

Mission "seek and you shall find began" and I found the perfect green polish—Wet n Wild SaGreena The Teenage Witch. Yes that is the name of the polish. The green is dazzling. The shimmer underneath the green made me smile.

Here are details about Wet n Wild SaGreena The Teenage Witch:

Impatience is a virtue. One coat dries in 60 seconds! This vivid, can't miss-it nail color comes in a no wait formula and applies smooth for streak-free, even coverage. Specially-engineered manicurve brush is designed with a flat rod for ideal liquid dispersion and a rounded bristle tip to hug nail curves for perfect application. Toluene & phthalate free

Sagreena The Teenage Witch is a vivid green nail polish with traces of sparkle. This green nail polish is very  pretty and extremely affordable. Three coats of Wet n Wild Fast Dry polish and you will be set!

The shiny emerald green color polish against my brown skin looked fab! To be honest, the nail polish color will probably look good anyone!

Wet n Wild solves the problem of ignoring your manicure because as a multi-tasking woman, you don't have time.  The short drying time and the great coverage of Wet n Wild makes it a must-have for busy girls-on-the-go.

Bling Factor
Pros: Budget friendly, vivid color and fast dry time 
Cons: None
Buy Again: Absolutely
Pricing: Great $ 2.99
Packaging: N/A
Overall: 4 Blings

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