Product Review: The Skinny on Too Faced Lip Injection

Product Review: The Skinny on Too Faced Lip Injection

I happen to be blessed with a fairly nice set of lips. I’m proud of them. They are like the the perfect medium of full and shapely. Around the time that President Bill Clinton had the affair with Monica Lewensky, the American public became obsessed with lips. The Club Monaco nude lipgloss and lipstick that Monica was wearing during her interview with Barbara Walters was an instant cult favorite.

Shortly after that, Angelina Jolie made it “acceptable” for white women to have big lips. So lip plumpers started making a foray into the cosmetics world. And lip plumpers are still a number one product across the board in the beauty market.

Well, in the name of research, I decided to try out some lip plumpers.
My first lip plumper experience in years was with Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme $28. Let me just say that this stuff lives up to its name. If you want full lips, try it.

So here’s the claim for Lip Injection:

Lip Injection Extreme is a lip plumping serum that when used daily like skin care delivers long term results! Keep your pucker plumped permanently!

The ingredients that make your lips plump:

Benzyl Nicotinate—promotes blood flow to the lips

Capsicum Chinese Extract—causes lips to swell and bring color to them

My results:

1.  My lips were obviously plumper.

3.  The color of my lips was very, very pink.

4.  The product does sting, but it’s temporary.

5.  The glossy finish compliments the flushed color.

If you need a lip plumper, by all means check this one out, it works.  I give Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme 5 Blings.

Before and after:

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